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Customers’ preference, beneficiaries optimal
We will make it possible by sustainable and innovative solutions.




Jam Petrochemical Complex has been developed in order to produce and make investments in petrochemical industry and to compete in global markets, in which to be able to create values and sustainable development by entrepreneurial approach and customer orientation, through deploying committed and skilled human capital, developing innovative, network and operative educational possibilities, optimal allocation of resources and respecting the environment.




  1. Taking care of shareholders’ fiduciary
  2. A challenge for achieving success
  3. Practical belief for conserving the environment
  4. Continuous planning for organizational efficiency and excellency
  5. Effective contact with customers
  6. Developing the culture of learning, innovation and creativity
  7. Paying attention to workforces and their families

Major Goals of Jam Petrochemical Complex

  1. Sustainable increase in production
  2. Completing the products’ value chain
  3. Globalizing the quality of products
  4. Improving the depth of attendance in international markets
  5. Deepening the image of Jam Petrochemical Complex’s business name
Integrated Management System Policy of Jam Petrochemical Complex

Focusing on “Priority for Customers Desired by the Stakeholders” as its vision and with the aim of creating value and rendering quality services and products to its stakeholders, Jam Petrochemical Complex has been established for production and investment in Petrochemical Industry and competition in global markets in order to create sustainable development by entrepreneurship, customer care, utilizing consultation and participation of skilled and committed human resources , improvement of learning capabilities, innovation, using network and operational, optimal allocation of resources and preserving the environment. therefore, the company is committed to work in line with below objectives:

  1. Empowerment of human resources and creation of learning organization for improvement of productivity
  2. Prevention from environment pollution by focusing on clean production processes
  3. To apply preventive measures and to omit or reduce safety and health hazards and risks for providing a safe and healthy work environment and to prevent labor related injuries and disease
  4. To support procurement, design and supply of effective products and services and ongoing improvement of energy performance
  5. Sustainable production increase and completion of products value chain
  6. To upgrade the quality of products and to render desirable services in line with customer satisfaction
  7. To increase international markets share
  8. Effective communication with stakeholders based on corporation governance principles, ethical charter of organization and strategic approaches

To ensure a uniform and organized infrastructure and availability of information and resources required for realization of micro and macro-objectives in the field of Quality management, Environment, Health & Safety, the company is committed to company with requirements of following standards.

  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO14001:2015 Environment Management System
  • ISO50001:2018 Energy Management System
  • ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system

The company is committed to continuous improvement, regular revision of Management Systems and Compliance with all relevant National and Organizational obligation, rules and regulation.

Abdolrahim Ghanbarian

Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


Development Plans

Development plans and existing plans in line with optimization, eliminating obstacles and increasing the capacity of current units

Alongside with the mission and major goals of Jam Petrochemical Company and moving towards development plans, achieving to superior strategic positions, completing production chain through knowledge based production of the products with higher added value, expanding the variety of products and also increasing the capacity of current units and finally, examining the possibility of receiving Currency loan regarding international instructions, has been assigned as the main responsibility for the department of engineering and plans of this complex. In this regard, ongoing plans of the department of engineering and plans have been described as below:



Plan for manufacturing and implementing new unit of PDH/PP

Considering the advantages of accessing to huge resources of propane feed in South Pars Region, moving trends of olefin units have been shaped toward gas crackers and predicting demand increase for propylene products in global markets, primary studies about technical and economic comparison of On-Purpose methods in producing propylene and by focusing on feasibility studies of establishing third phase of Jam Petrochemical Complex including one propylene production unit using Propane Dehydrogenization (PDH) Technology and one new polypropylene production unit, with collaboration of Nexant Company and owners of above technologies with a purpose of producing superior products and preventing raw sale of products by the unit of engineering and plans. After completing the above feasibility reports and following up license contract of plans and negotiations with licensor by the unit of engineering and plans, other levels such as acquisition of required permissions and studying the funding feasibility of the project is in progress by Kangan Polymer Development.



Current plans in line with optimization, eliminating obstacles and increasing the capacity of current units

Plans for increasing capacity of current manufacturing units with a lower producing cost rather than new units could be deemed as one of the main goals for each manufacturing unit. Considering the fact that these type of projects will be implemented by the least purchasing cost for new equipment, and generally through optimizing operational conditions and improving a couple of current equipment; so performing capacity increasing plans and optimization will be led to increase in production with saving in expenses. Also in some cases, improving the product’s quality and optimizing it, will be led to a higher acceptance among the consumers and creating more added value.

1Project for increasing the capacity of olefin unit

Project for increasing the capacity of olefin unit has been regarded in 3 parts: increasing the capacity of one furnace with an amount of 15% in olefin unit, performing feasibility studies and basic studies for increasing the reception of +C3 feed and also performing Revamp comprehensive studies of olefin unit, in which the first part has been terminated by successful implementation of capacity test in year 2018 and in regard with performing comprehensive studies of capacity increase, we are on the process of negotiation and concluding confidential agreement in order to exchange information with qualified companies.

2Project for increasing the capacity of HDPE unit

Considering the current situation and the state that the license owner does not respond which is led to no procurement of licensor company’s qualified catalysts to petrochemical companies in Iran, and in order to eliminate the operational obstacles caused by substituting the new catalysts and regarding the accessibility of ethylene feed and creating value added in case of optimizing production process, an ongoing negotiation with a respective and mighty international and well known company in the field of increasing the capacity of polymer units is in progress. We could mention the factors of increasing in scale of producing High-density polyethylene which is suited to each grade, improving unit’s procedural conditions and reducing side expenses, optimizing and renovating equipment regarding the useful serving time and flexibility in programming for production and product’s ordering and selling schedule alongside with company’s strategy as the advantages of performing this project.

3 Project for improving the quality of wax of HDPE unit and making sheet out of it

The produced wax in HDPE unit, is originally the polyethylene with low molecular weight which is soluble in hexane in operational conditions, and will be produced as a side product of slurry ethylene polymerization with Ziegler- Natta catalysts. We are currently in the middle of an ongoing series of negotiations with active companies in the field of wax flicking and visiting some of them in order to remove water and other impurities in wax and to improve its quality and implementing sheet making operation.

4Project for plotting and constructing treatment unit for wastewater caused by caustic waste of olefin unit

The wastewater caused by caustic waste of olefin unit contains high scale of contamination and creates high material and environmental costs for Jam Petrochemical Company. Following the accomplished studies about the latest technology which is being used all over the world, the method of oxidizing humid weather is the best and the most effective existing method. Currently, we are on an open negotiation with qualified companies in order to perform a conceptual and basic design.

5Project for making flare smokeless and building new type of flare

Regarding the environmental pollutions caused by bad burning in complex’s flaring system and in order to conserve the environment and to remove this problem, performing the project for making flare smokeless and building new type of flare has been placed as a top priority and a couple of actions such as corresponding with qualified companies, receiving documents, visiting the suggested places for constructing flare and preparing forms for holding a tender offer are on progress.

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