HDPE unit of JAM Petrochemical Complex under LYONDELL BASELL Company’s license and basic engineering of KRUPP UHDE, with an annual producing rate of 300,000 tons, is one the largest polymer units in Iran. Beside the feasibility to produce 26 main grades, the unit also bears the possibility to produce black, yellow, blue, orange and normal grades. These specifications exclusively belong to JAM Petrochemical Complex within the country and is scarce worldwide. HDPE unit of JAM Petrochemical Complex is the first producer of black grade (CRP100 pipe) in Iran.

Unique specifications of HDPE unit in comparison with other units

1 Variable products regarding the variety of produced grades

2 High production capacity

3 Feasibility to produce colorful grades and possessing two extruder and packaging lines

Annual production capacity 300,000 MT
Feed Ethylene, Hydrogen and Butene
Number of grades 23
  • High variety of grades
  • High production capacity
  • Capability of producing coloured grades and 2 packaging extruder line
  • Capability of producing coloured products in injection, extrusion and blow moulding grades
Extruder capacity 48 MT/hour
Applications Home appliances, packaging, PE pipes, automobile and agriculture industries
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