Olefin unit

Olefin unit of JAM Petrochemical Complex, with a producing capacity of 1,320,000 tons of ethylene and 306 kilo tons of propylene in a year and with a total capacity equal to 2,359,000 tons a year, is one the most enormous olefin units in Iran and around the world. Up-to-date technologies have been taken in building this unit, and global scales have been also observed in choosing capacities.

1 We could mention high production capacity and the possibility of utilizing dual purpose furnaces (flexible) as unique specifications of olefin unit of JAM Petrochemical Complex, which make it able to use both liquid and solid feeds.

2 Variety in feed and producing various products and effective communication with important units of South Pars Region in both parts of gas and petrochemical are the other strategic features of olefin unit of JAM Petrochemical Complex.

Products of Olefin

1 Ethylene

2 Propylene

3 Hydrogen

4 Raw Pyrolysis Gasoline

5 CFO Fuel Oil

6 Four Carbon Compounds

معرفی واحد الفین
معرفی واحد الفین

Olefin Plant
Licensor Technip
Annual production capacity 1,320,000 MT of ethylene and 300,000 MT of propylene
Feed Four liquid feed furnaces and six gas feed furnaces are installed in this plant. Gas feed of the complex is supplied either by South Pars project phases and Pars Petrochemical Complex and liquid feed is supplied by Noori Petrochemical Complex.
  • The largest olefin producer in Iran and one of the largest in the world
  • Benefiting state of art and environmentally friendly technology
  • World class capacity
  • Having flexible furnaces to use both liquid and gas feed
Applications Supplying complex’ other plants feedstock and other plants in the region
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