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JAM Sanatkaran Co. (JSK)

JSK Incorporated in 2007 to optimally exploit oil industry’s highly professional and experienced work force, JSK serves as JAM Petrochemical Company’s major repair and maintenance enterprise.

In addition to providing various units of JPC with repair and maintenance services, JSK has also accomplished the construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning processes for two units of JPC. Assisted by its scientific and technical competence, the knowledge and involvement of its highly specialized, committed work force, the huge support of its shareholders and its modern machinery and equipment, JSK ceaselessly attempts to develop and improve the systems, methods and technologies it employs and to turn into an always-a-learner, innovative and globally distinguished enterprise by taking advantage of new approaches and principles of excellence.




1 Brilliant reputation and executive experience in the procurement of repair and maintenance services and of installation and commissioning services in the PARS ENERGY Special Economic Zone;

2 Taking advantage of highly qualified, diligent work force selected from among the best, well experienced specialists;

3Being equipped with the largest advanced precision tools and repair plants with the latest electrical systems throughout the PARS ENERGY Special Economic Zone;

4 Possessing a broad range of modern heavy machinery (winches, forklift, etc.)




1Designing and engineering oil, gas and petrochemical industries;

2 Providing repair and maintenance services;

3 Providing construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning services;ی

4 Providing operational and service support; and

5 Trading, supplying and procuring.



100 percent of JAM Sanatkaran Company’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company..


JAM Polypropylene Co. (JPPC)

JAM Polypropylene Co. (JPPC) was established in 2004 in Asaluyeh special economic zone. Thus, Jam Polypropylene Co. is in a unique position to contribute to the global petrochemical downstream markets while respecting all quality standards. To achieve this goal, Jam Polypropylene Co. enjoys some significant logistic advantages including availability of low-cost, gas-based feedstock, prominent production capacity, strategic location and proximity to port Asaluyeh that expedites the export operation and timely delivery of products. JPPC has acquired the unique state-of-the art Spheripol technology from Lyondell Basell, as the world leading technology for the production of a very wide range of polypropylene (PP) grades.




We are committed to create sustainable value for all beneficiaries through steady development of Polypropylene production and sales based on innovation, products diversification and ceaseless quality improvement while complying with regulations. JPPC is capable of producing a wide range of Polypropylene grades under the name of “Jampilen” with premium quality. This company is capable to produce types of polypropylene graders in a vast range and in accordance with the need of additional industries, and has been succeeded to provide more than 33 percent of consumption market needs by now.



44 percent of JAM Polypropylene Company’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company.


Pad Jam Polymer Development Co .(PJPC)

PadJam Polymer Development Company (a joint-stock company) has been established in 2014 with the aid of developing and operation of ABS/Rubber plant by Jam Petrochemical Company. The project is located in the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone in Assaluyeh, on an area of 15 hectares, with a production capacity of 200,000 metric tons of ABS per year and 60,000 metric tons of rubber per year, licensed based on the state-of-the-art technical know-how of one of the European best reputed companies, Versalis-Eni S.p.A (Polimeri-Europa), is under construction and has so far grown by more than 82% progress. The basic engineering of the project is done by Tecnimont Company. PJPC is able to produce 9 different grades of ABS and 3 different rubber products in 7 different grades with the highest quality (for the first time and exclusively in Iran). About half of the produced rubber in the Rubber Plant is used as a feed in ABS Plant in order to adjust physical and mechanical properties of ABS, and the remaining rubber could be supplied to market. The feeds of this complex, including Styrene, account for 152,000 tons per year through the pipeline from Pars Petrochemical Complex, 1, 3 butadiene, account for 54,000 thousand tons per year through pipeline from Jam Petrochemical Complex and Acrylonitrile account for 47,000 thousand tons per year which is imported.



Rubber & ABS Plant:

The Rubber production plant of PadJam Petrochemical Complex is the first and only manufacturer of three products SBS, SB and LCBR in 7 popular grades based on market demand in Iran. The factory is designed and manufactured in accordance with the batch process solution polymerization to produce a wide range of grades, and is expected to be on operation by the beginning of the 2020.

The ABS production plant of PadJam Petrochemical Complex is the first and only manufacturer of ABS products with Continuous Mass technology in 9 popular grades based on market demand in Iran. The plant is expected to be on operation in the middle of the 2019.



100 percent of PadJam Polymer Development Company’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company. www.pjpc.ir

Kangan Polymer Development Co.(KPDC)

Kangan Polymer Development Company, is the executer of PDH/PP project, one of the important developing and strategical projects of Jam Petrochemical Company, which has been registered and established on 17/10/2018 with registration number of 532816, with a goal to build, implement and operation of the plant and production line of propylene and polypropylene.

The executing site for this project is located on the southeastern side of phases 22-24 of South Pars Complex, as which the site has been chosen regarding the accessibility advantages to the huge sources of propane feed in South Pars region. It is notable that the progression direction of ELEFIN units towards gas crackers and also predicting demand increase for propylene product worldwide is very important due to its strategic product’s type.

The entire primary studies on technical and economic comparison have been accomplished in order to produce propylene by focusing on feasibility studies of constructing the third phase of Jam Petrochemical, of which the studies consist of purchasing and transferring the technology of a 600000-ton unit of producing propylene by propane dehydrogenation (PDH) method licensed by UOP and two 300000-ton units of producing polypropylene (PP) licensed by BASELL Company (based on the existing plant of Jam Polypropylene Company).



100 percent of Kangan Polymer Development Company’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company. .

Gohar Ofogh Industrial Park Development Co.

GOHAR OFOGH was established in 2012 under registration No. 1865 at Companies Registration Office of Kangan Township, Bushehr Province, with partnership of the four JAM PETROCHEMICAL, SADAF ASALUYEH CHEMICAL, ENTEKHAB PETROCHEMICAL and KIMIA SANAYE DALAHOO Companies. Introduced by National Petrochemical Company, the Styrene Park was decided to be implemented on a land tract of 9 hectares.

Since all these companies had the ‘styrene’ feed in common, the introduced industrial park was named Styrene Park.




1 Creating and developing a chain of units related to styrene monomer;

2 Providing utilities and facilities of the required common section;

3 Establishing feed receipt and distribution networks as well as utility networks for projects;

4 Constructing a 10,000 ton styrene monomer reservoir to serve as the projects’ feed;

5 Constructing a warehouse for maintaining peroxide and ancillary equipment; and

6 Constructing warehouses and industrial and non-industrial ancillary services.



Ongoing Projects:

1 JAM Petrochemical Company:

With the production capacity of 260,000 tons a year of ABS/ Rubber

2 SADAF Asaluyeh chemical Company:

With the production capacity of 136, 000 tons a year of ESBR

3 KIMIA Sanaye Dalahoo:

Company With the production capacity of 120, 000 tons a year of EPS

4 ENTEKHAB Petrochemical Company :

With the production capacity of 120, 000 tons a year of poly styrene



51/37 percent of PARK SANATI GOHAR OFOGH’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company.


Petrochemiran Co.

PETROCHEMIRAN COMPANY (private joint stock) was incorporated in 2003 with an aim to encourage private sector investment in petrochemical industry. Considering the daily increasing number of petrochemical projects and the lack of a coherent structure for the management contracting of such projects in the country, the management contracting of petrochemical projects was also added to PETROCHEMIRAN COMPANY’s objectives.




1 Encouraging private sector investment in petrochemical industry;

2 Providing management contracting (MC) services for petrochemical projects in the country;

3Exporting engineering services to foreign countries; and

4 Carrying out marketing and foreign commercial services.




1 . Constructing, installing, commissioning and exploiting hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing facilities of related industries;

2Selling and purchasing a broad spectrum of petrochemical, hydrocarbon and industrial products and derivatives;

3Performing commercial operations and concluding commercial contracts required;

4 Warehousing, loading and unloading;

5 Establishing industrial, contracting, services, consulting and commercial companies; and

6 Conducting technical, economic justifiability, primary and final studies, and preparing projects’ optimization plan as well as comprehensive plan of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities.



34/27 percent of PETROCHEMIRAN COMPANY’s shares are owned by JAM Petrochemical Company


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